Pro Desks Announces New Mongoose Vehicle Mount Base for Ford Transit Connect 2016

Pro Desks Mongoose vehicle mount is now available for 2016 Ford Transit Connect vans.

Friday 03, 2016 – Grand Forks, BC – The features 2016 Ford Transit Connect drivers need in a sharp looking vehicle mount system are apparent in the Pro Desks Mongoose.

The new Pro Desks Mongoose 2016 Ford Transit Connect vehicle mount is an in-cab desk that matches the quality of the vehicle stride for stride; the Mongoose features best-in-class positioning, stability and security with a no-drilling-needed install.

Sporting a thick aluminum desktop and black powder coatings, the Mongoose looks the part, as well. This product was thoughfully designed so that it looks like a part of your van.

The center-mounted design is at home in a 2016 Ford Transit Connect cab and adjusts easily for use by driver or passenger. All the controls are easy to reach, easy to use and lock securely. Thanks to the custom plate mounting system, the pedestal base stays out of the way so passengers have plenty of room. With the center post out of the way, passengers have plenty of room. The desktop turns through 360 degrees and tilts for a fast setup, but the patented slide arm really makes the Mongoose special. A handle-locked clevis mount tilt to the perfect keyboard angle in a snap.

The vehicle mount isn’t just pretty and easy to use. The desk has a sturdy keyed latch system that opens enough for thick laptops and opens up to hold even 17-inch wide laptops. Secure padded brackets holding the laptop adjust through wrench-tightened channels for excellent security and a wiggle-free ride.

Behind the scenes, the desk shows off more top-flight features, with all steel parts for a superior build. The base is fully height adjustable.

A custom base plate fits the 2016 Ford Transit Connect layout using bolt holes matched to the existing passenger seat mounts. No drilling is required. Fitted base plates are made for several van models so getting a new van doesn’t mean a new headache to move the laptop system.

An optional support rod is included with the Mongoose system for heavier systems. The optional arm mounts up under the dash and attaches to the central post.

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Pro Desks Releases New Mongoose Laptop Desk Base For 2016 Impala Police Vehicle

chevy impala police vehicle laptop desk

2016 Impala Police Vehicle models can now be upgraded to Pro Desks Mongoose vehicle laptop mount.

June 02, 2016 – Grand Forks, BC – When drivers need an “office-in-a-vehicle”, the Pro Desks Mongoose laptop vehicle desk system provides all the best features in all the right places.

The Mongoose vehicle laptop desk for 2016 Impala Police Vehicle is a feature powerhouse that has earned its place atop the Pro Desks product line with sturdy construction, easy to use adjustments and excellent security.

The Mongoose Impala Police Vehicle desk looks like a top-of-the-line showroom accessory, with a shiny aluminum surface and black powder coated accents.

The design sits squarely in the center of the Impala Police Vehicle cab without blocking the console and without interfering with passenger leg room. With a top that pivots all the way around, a sliding arm for front-to-back motion and a tilting base, the desk can put any laptop in prime position quickly and securely. A handle-locking tilting clevis mount sets the perfect keyboard angle in seconds.

The system is more than just a pretty face. The desk has a heavy duty keyed latch system that adjusts for thick laptops and slides open to hold even widescreen computers. The brackets that hold down the computer body are fully adjustable, strong enough to withstand attack and stable.

Engineering efforts were devoted to a solid support system, using solid steel in the mount plate, base and post. Adjusting the height is also simple using a telescoping tubular post.

Using a customized base plate engineered for 2016 Impala Police Vehicle layout, bolt holes are matched to existing passenger side seat mounts so no drilling is required. Mounting plates are also made for other popular vehicles so switching to a new ride doesn’t make for major headaches.

Ideal for bigger computers, the system is supplied with an optional support arm to lend another dimension of support to the base.

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